WEBINAR Lecture No. 3:  (2 hours)


      In this lecture, I talk about creating Isometric Drawings.  To begin with, an isometric drawing is not a 3d drawing.  Many companies believe that it is not necessary to go thru the time and expense of making a 2d or 3d drawing and prefer to use isometrics.

      Students are shown how to draw several kinds of objects using isometrics., i.e. bookcases, cabinets, desks and shelving of all kinds.  After all, if you are going to make furniture out of pressed wood, all you need is a table saw to cut the wood and then you can screw and glue the pieces together.  Accuracy is not that important.

      Of course, additional webinars are available on a wide variety of interests.  Some students might have a need to learn how to design a single or 2 family home.  Others may want to learn how to make floor plans of an office building or to make site plans.  All that information is available upon request.


Instrumentation Laboratory


Ealing Corp.


American Optical

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