WEBINAR Lecture No. 2:  (2 hours)

      Even though all my tutorials are based on paper space, many companies still draw in model space only.  I talk extensively about the use of Paper Space vs Model Space.  Also, I talk about the DIMSCALE variable because all companies want the text and dimension text to be a Standard Height.

      In this Webinar, you will be taught about Layers, Blocks and Scale Factors.    Every student has to learn about layers because every object has to have a layer.  With layers, you control color, visibility and whether the layers are on, off or frozen.  In addition, Blocks are an important tool and discussed.

       Scale factor is also important.  You might want to draw a football field or a map and need a scale of1/500.  You might draw something small like a laptop or a piece of furniture and your scale factor might be 1/1 or 1/4.  You might want to specify on a drawing different units such as Decimal, Fractional or Architectural Units.

At my AutoCAD coursesite you will learn how to download the following:

      Any version of AutoCAD, it's FREE and Legal.
      More than 40 Tutorials and 40 drawings will be available.
      Numerous animation videos are there for you to download
      Living PDF and PPT files are shown and talked about.

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