Itek Corp., Burlington, MA.  Assisted in the design of many different kinds of Military hardware including Periscopes, Infra-red night sighting devices, Moon Landing Camera etc.

International Equipment Co., Needham, MA.  Designed a Blood Analyzing Machine using Geneva drive, Ball and Screw Assy. Stepper Motors, Sensors, Splines, Bearings, Solenoids and Fans etc.

American Optical, Bedford, MA;  Responsible for designs including alteration to existing molds; designing new molds; design of jigs and fixtures.  Many close tolerance parts; bearings, castings and linkages.

Experienced in producing quality drawings of all kinds; including Floor Plans, Structural, HVAC, Site, Piping in both 2d &3d format as well as other types of drawings utilized in Architectural, Electro-Mechanical and Civil Engineering.


For those of you who do not have the AutoCAD program, the Autodesk Company has made it possible for you  to download a copy, for a limited time.  It is perfectly legal and absolutely FREE.  When you register, request the  information and I will send you a video explaining how its done.


I'm a Design Engineer with 25 years' experience in the engineering, design, layout, detailing and checking of Mechanical, Architectural, Civil and Electrical drawings.  Fifteen (15) years' experience in work requiring an expert knowledge of AutoCAD as a college professor.

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George A. Ash

(Online Instructor)

201 Ocean Avenue

Revere, MA 02151

Avco Corp.: Wilmington, MA  Military and Commercial Prodiucts.  Created a unique design for a variety of connectors for the MX missle and designed the B-52 Flare Decoy.

Know all phases of the drawing and manufacturing requirements of metal and plastic parts; i.e. machined parts, sheet metal, castings, welded, brazed and adhesive bonded parts; injection molding, structural foam and RIM.  Familiar with Mil Specs and ANSI Y 14.5.

AUTOCAD CONSULTANT; New England Telephone Co., Boston, MA.  Made hundreds of drawings using AutoCAD of Floor Plans, Structures and Electrical Schematics using digitizing and Scanning techniques.

Polaroid/Behring Diagnostic Systems:  Cambridge & Westwood, MA.  Designed XYZ mechanisms, carousel and eject mechanisms using stepper motors for a blood analyzing machine.